The art and craft traditions in India is alive despite of wide spread changes that the civilization has witnessed over the years.  This is due to the constant love and efforts of generations of artists and craftsmen who weaved their dreams and visions into exquisite handloom & handicraft products. Indian Heritage Market is a unique initiative of Dharohar to spread the wings of heritage products nationally and internationally. It is slated to provide a strong marketing base with all major innovative attractions for artists, craftsmen, designers, innovators and entrepreneurs from the field of Indian art and crafts.  It has been designed as a one stop shop solution to cater to all the business needs of crafts community. Some of the major facilities being provided are;


This art gallery and exhibition venue spread across_900 sq.fts.  provides state of the art facility to artists and art lovers for organizing exhibition cum sale of their creative artifacts.  The hall is fully equipped with modern illumination and decorative setup providing conducive environment to display handloom and craft works of fine arts, including paintings, sculptures, etching and photographs etc.   Interested people can rent the place for a fixed period of time to showcase their art and craft products to the world and can create their own niche market. The major objectives of Exhibition hall are:

  • To be the locus through which the work of both modern and contemporary artists from the craft community can reach to public.
  • To foster interest and greater understanding of arts and crafts works.
  • To preserve, appreciate and encourage acceptance of varied works of Indian artists nationally and internationally.

This innovative exhibition hall with individual table space provides ultra modern place for micro / small scale craft artisans, new beginners and entrepreneurs to display and sell their designer products or services during the initial stage of their businessThe studio gives perfect solution to them to book a table space for a fixed period of time depending upon their need.  The objective of this innovative set up is to provide an ideal display place for:

  • Small scale arts and craft based startups having limited financial resources.
  • Housewives dealing in handloom items or designer jewelry or ethnic wear.
  • Small NGOs to showcase their handicraft offerings
  • Individuals who are into paintings, pottery, hand embroidery, lacquer work and handicraft etc.

With the objective of adding value for shop owners at Indian heritage market as well as for visitors, this unique concept of having in-house craft documentary theatre has been coined and executed.  It has been designed and built to promote craft artisans of India through showcase of films for craft lovers. The hall is made up of acoustic tiles and equipped with innovative systems and pleasant ambiance providing a perfect place for heritage shop owners to show their craft manufacturing skills through short video films.  This exclusive concept also caters to be need of NGOs and craft promoters to bring forth their social cause and develop their own brand by organizing documentary shows for audience.   



Prevention and promotion of Indian arts and crafts is one of the major objective for us in setting up of Indian Heritage Market.  To give concrete education and training in arts and craft and thereby to generate gainful employment opportunities for young artists and craftsmen, the need for well equipped training centre arises. Thus we have established a state of the art training hall which caters to the training and development need of entrepreneurs or managers or NGOs from craft community.  The centre provides complete solution with ample space for organizing workshops, training programs, seminars and conferences.   This facility will enable experienced art and craft trainers from the industry to conduct training programs related to various forms of arts, handicrafts and allied items, design development and the use of the latest technology leading to demand creation. 


Customer turnover is a known phenomenon for craft shops because of absence of a special place for creating customized solution.  To do away with this, we have conceptualized and started this in-house design studio on the second floor to enable sellers to create craft based customized product for niche market.  Artisans will get the facility from this place to design and create their products based on tailored requirements of clients.  On one hand heritage shops have an advantage to offer customized solutions to their customers without losing the customer base and the other hand customers too can get latest designer products in line with the recent design trends. Above all, this studio gives good opportunity to generate employment for small scale art and craft artisans for their sustainable development.



 One cannot get a better place to look for handloom and handicraft products than various heritage shops located at Indian heritage market.  The small and medium scale heritage shops display and sell large number of ethnic products which are sourced from every corner of India. The market seeks to provide a common platform for rural artisans of India to showcase their products to domestic and international market. Due to this, several independent artisans will have an option to market and sell their art, craft, handloom, and handicraft products from across the nation. The shops also provide facilities to design and develop products of contemporary designs, color patterns of latest designer trends using advance technology to suit to client’s tastes and preferences.

With an aim to promote social cause, we have also added a unique feature in the shops especially for senior citizens of the society.  It gives platform to old age people of Vadodara to use and display their inherent talent by creating art and craft products.  This has an underlying objective of social service so as to motivate senior citizens who may be retired employees, elders living alone away from their kids, or those who want a platform to utilize their skills for the society.  These gesture foster productive contributions of time and energy in the old age phase to allow them live the rest of their life with renewed self belief and self esteem.

At Indian heritage haat, Fair Trade Products of different places with their own specialty have found a perfect place to get noticed among art and culture loving section of society.  Consumers can get products of Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kutch (Gujarat), Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Kerala, Punjab, U.P. etc. throughout the year from this hub of Indian heritage.  We are going to create a Fair Trade market with Fair trade producers like SEWA, SHILPA , DHAROHAR  and many more. We welcome all NGOs, co-operative societies, individual artists, Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) to avail this unique platform which is going to be one of the most sought after places for national and international art and craft lovers!


The heritage market is duly backed by ultra modern centrally air-conditioned Dormitory on the second floor of Ved  Transcube Plaza providing perfect place for boarding and lodging of craft artisans.    It is one of the most modern and cost effective dormitories providing all amenities for both men and women’s accommodation.  The place is ideal to stay for those who are visitors as participants for art and craft training / workshops/ seminar programs/ meetings.  The arts and craft trainers too can use this facility for boarding & lodging while they are on a trip to conduct training sessions at Indian heritage market.  The lodging capacity of dormitory for men is 80, while for women it is 60. This innovative concept of having a dormitory at central bus station which is located at the heart of the city is a smart option for corporate and government offices for arranging lodging of their delegates.


This plaza is equally equipped with multi-cuisine food court on the 3rd floor.  It offers wide variety of food options for visitors as well as tourists round the clock.  Apart from that, a 24X7 café too is available on the 1st floor to cater to refreshment needs of people.  Various Indian traditional snacks and sweet shops as well as restaurants too are easily accessible at the plaza making it an ideal place for boarding and lodging of those who stay in dormitory.